Dignity or Recovery?

28 Jun

Things are getting bad in Greece. Their government is set to vote on “austerity measures” on Wednesday. “Austerity measures” is a fancy term for recognizing that they can no longer spend money they don’t have, so they have to spend less. Greece’s national debt is 150% of its annual economic output. That means that if a household’s income was $50,000 a year, their debt payments would be $150,000 a year. How long could you tread water? (Read the full story on Yahoo news)

A key member of parliament just announced that he would be supporting the measures, saying,

“I have made the decision to vote for the plan because national interests are more important than our own dignity.”

Translation: as embarrassing as this is to admit that our debt is 150% of our income, our only hope is to admit the mess and turn away from continuing the behavior that caused the mess.

In spiritual language, we call this confession and repentance. Confession is agreeing with God that our behavior or attitudes are sinful. Repentance is a change of mind that produces a change of direction. It is the decision to stop walking one way and to start walking another way.

Confession is humbling. Repentance is the path to healing.

Basic spiritual principles never change.



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