Seekers of Wisdom: A Meditation on Proverbs 2

01 Mar

One of the jewels of the Scriptures is the book of Proverbs, the record of Solomon’s desire to instruct his son in “wisdom.” Wisdom is such a difficult thing to define. It certainly begins with knowledge, but it means so much more. Wisdom is more related to insight and discernment than book knowledge, and wisdom (and the lack of it) shows up in our daily lives in so many different ways.

In the second chapter, Solomon highlights many of the benefits of wisdom. Wisdom is a shield that empowers us to walk in integrity. With wisdom, we can understand and practice justice. Wisdom will deliver us from the path of evil, from evil people, and from the devastating results of wickedness. Wisdom also keeps us from the devastating effects of sexual immorality.

But before he exults the benefits of wisdom, Solomon urges his son to do two things. First, he must receive his teachings, make his ear attentive, and incline his heart to understanding. The young man must be open to being taught, which requires a recognition of need. But the second urging is perhaps even more important: he must call out for insight, search for it, and seek it like it is a hidden treasure. Some wisdom comes at us to be caught; other times, wisdom lies hidden for only the treasure hunters to find.

Are you a seeker of wisdom, a seeker and not just a receiver? We seek out wisdom by reading the Scriptures on a regular basis. We search for wisdom by memorizing Scripture and meditating on its impact on our lives. We call out for it by seeking wise counsel from those around us who are wiser than ourselves.

May we not just be receivers of wisdom, but may we also be seekers, too.

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