Daily Reading: One of the Transformational Goals of Preaching

22 Dec

(An excerpt from Darius Salter’s book, Preaching as Art: Biblical Storytelling for a Media Generation, 2008)

In a day that almost totally dismisses the possibilities of taking pride in a finished project, most lives become abstractions, minuscule points in an endless line of routine with no particular direction. A critical objective for preaching is to enable people to get the big picture, to envision that life is more than getting up and going to work. Sermons place life within the overall scheme of God’s providence. Sermons work when they consecrate the most menial responsibility to God’s eternal and universal scheme and they reduce the CEO of a mega corporation to obscurity, unless he or she is engulfed by God’s superintendency over human affairs. Americans are increasingly depressed people, gulping down megadoses of antidepressants, largely because they are lost in a world that controls them rather than able to lay claim to their rightful domain. Paul asked the Corinthians when they were embroiled in lawsuits, a depressing activity for anybody, “Do you not know that the saints will judge the world?” (1 Corinthians 6.2). Sermons ask the simple question, “Why would anyone want to grovel in the give and take that ensnare and enslaves most of us when we can be a major player in God’s scheme to redeem the world?” Enticing our parishioners to trade the trivialities of mundane existence for Kingdom citizenship shouldn’t take a whole lot of persuasion, but it will demand out best imagination. (32-33)

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