Primal: A Book Review (Part 4)

15 Dec

(The following is part 4 of a running book review on Primal: A Quest for the Lost Soul of Christianity by Mark Batterson).

If loving God with all of our heart means having a heart that breaks for the things that break the heart of God, and if loving God with our soul means having a soul full of wonder at the glory of God, then loving God with our mind means to expand our God given imagination so we can expand our appreciation of who God is and what God has made (102). God has created us with a capacity to learn, and the day we stop learning is the day we begin to die. Learning about God and His creation is not so much about finding the answers, but about seeking God with questions. Questions lead us to discoveries and every discovery reveals a new dimension of God’s creativity and personality. For most Christians, we have a problem admitting our non-omniscience. So we spend so much energy asserting that we have all the answers instead of admitting our ignorance and bringing our questions to God. God answers our questions, not with information, but with a relationship. Our questions bring us to Him.

And often, when we bring our seeking and questions to God, He respond by putting ideas in our head. Batterson takes 2 Corinthians 10.5 as a positive command, to capture the creative thoughts God puts in our minds and make them obedient to Christ. These “God ideas” can revolutionize our lives and the world around us. How do we get these God ideas? By putting ourselves in situations where we can hear the Spirit speak. Batterson’s formula is simple: “change of pace + change of place = change of perspective.” He challenges us to get outside of our routine, to capture our thoughts in some fashion, and to refuse to let reasonableness hold our “God ideas” ransom.

Are we loving God with our mind? Do we seek him with our curiosity and questions? Do we capture the visions he puts in our heads and make them obedient to Christ? Loving God with our mind is part of the primal essence of the soul of Christianity.

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