A Third Herodian Witness

07 Dec

When we think of Christmas, our thoughts naturally turn towards the birth of the Savior. But as we ponder the meaning of that night, we are drawn towards the theological meaning of the moment. This was not just the birth of a babe who was wrapped in cloths and laid in a feeding trough. Theologically speaking, this was moment of the incarnation, when God became flesh and dwelt among us. And to speak of the incarnation is to remember that this Christ child did not come into being on “Christmas morn,” but that the Christ pre-existed His own birth narrative. The Son of God was God in the beginning, was the Creator of all things, became flesh, ascended into heaven, and one day will return. As the angels told the disciples, “This same Jesus who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back” (Acts 1.11).

And so we live in the middle of the gospel story. The One Who Was was the Creator of all things. The One Who Is is the One who became flesh and dwelt among us. But the One Who Is To Come is the One who will return as the Righteous Judge and Everlasting King. Knowing the King of Kings will return, “What kind of people ought we to be?” asked the apostle Peter (2 Peter 3.11).

On Sunday morning, we will study another Herodian witness to the gospel story. This king was an eyewitness to the One Who Is To Come, the resurrected and ascended Jesus. Though he never met Jesus, he was very familiar with those who bore His name. Please be praying that the Lord will speak to us through the life of this unlikely gospel witness.

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