A Conversation That Could Be…

21 Jul

If anyone is actually here to read this, you should be congratulated on your patience.  I have not posted since June 24 for several reasons. First, I have been on vacation for two weeks, but more importantly, I lost the will to blog after the SBC annual meeting. Too many have already written about that, so I am ready to move on.

One issue that interests me at the moment is the relationship of churches within the BGCT who are also committed to the SBC. It seems that there are only two kinds of churches in Texas, those who align with the CBF and BGCT and those who align with the SBTC and SBC. However, the reality is that many (and perhaps most) are actually aligned with the BGCT and the SBC, my church included.

There are some voices within the BGCT who would like to see the BGCT forge a better relationship with the SBC, and I would certainly support that move. The church where I serve as pastor sends money to both state conventions but only to the SBC. (Some individuals send money to the CBF, but that is an individual choice). So, I pastor a church that supports both the BGCT and the SBC. And it seems in doing so that I have a voice in neither group because of my involvement in the other.

Perhaps it is time for these “abnormal” churches to have a conversation. I would like to see a breakout session at the BGCT annual meeting where churches that share this vision might come together for a conversation. Of course, the conversation will be very interesting. There will be those who want to partner with the SBC but don’t want to adopt the 2000 BFM (like me), or those who want to partner with the SBC even though they don’t like the home making school at SWBTS (like me), or those who want to partner with the SBC even though they disagree with the IMB policies regarding spiritual gifts and baptism (like me), or those who want to partner with the SBC and have the freedom to partner with the CBF should they choose.

But, there are many churches in the BGCT who want to partner with the SBC who are very concerned about the future of both and who want to have a conversation about what can be done. What a great conversation this could be.

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One response to “A Conversation That Could Be…

  1. Lee

    July 22, 2008 at 11:24 pm

    There are things in the BFM 2000 with which I would disagree, I am not happy with IMB policy about spiritual gifts and baptism, and I don’t really know enough about the home economic school at Southwestern to comment on it, though I am convinced that a woman’s place is in the kitchen (just kidding.) But I don’t think those are insurmountable obstacles when you consider the greater picture of cooperation. I’ve discovered that there are things about CBF which I really don’t like either. My church, like yours, supports the BGCT and the SBC. The BGCT’s open giving plan, which allows us to determine our percentage split between the two, and the amounts given to various entities, is probably the main reason we have not also decided to split our giving with the SBTC.

    I am looking forward to the breakout session. Did we sort of lay that on Ken? I’ll be glad to help out with it, in whatever way might be necessary.


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