Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines…

08 Jun

The 2008 SBC Annual Meeting begins this week. What exactly is one supposed to expect at the SBC annual meeting? Is it going to be a revival meeting? Is it a business meeting? Is it a sale’s convention for Lifeway resources? Is it a public brawl between a bunch of old white guys?

This will be my only my third annual meeting to attend. I attended one afternoon session when the meeting was last held in Dallas and all of last year’s meeting. Last year’s meeting was surprisingly inspirational. A few of the preachers at the Pastor’s Conference were especially good, and the NAMB Missional Network dinner was a highlight. I was surprised by the Spirit last year and was renewed in my call and faith. I am praying for the same this year.

Things to expect this year include:

1. Presidential election. This is the only meaningful decision the messengers get to make each year. The President then appoints the members of the various boards who actually govern the agencies. So, this decision is huge. The candidates this year are mostly from the same doctrinal stream, but there are differences on their opinion towards the IMB policies.

2. Resolution on regenerate church membership. Tom Ascol has been bring this resolution for years, but it will finally make it out of committee. It will pass, but take years to determine what it should mean for the local church. Another Garner Motion in the making.

3. NAMB Missional Network Dinner. This is one of the highlights for me. Many of the young ministers who are eager for change in the SBC, their congregations, and their communities should attend. I don’t know who is speaking or what the topic is, but I am looking forward to it.

4. Some time yet to be determined time bomb. Last year it was Morris Chapman’s  and Page Patterson’s speech, who know what it will be this year.

I hope to post regularly through out the next few days, pending access to a computer. (My laptop has just been entered into the Smithsonian’s “Do they still make these?” division).

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