View From the Second Chair

03 Jun

Jim Richards is the Executive Director of the SBTC and the current First Vice President of the SBC. In the latest Texan, he writes:

“We need a president (of the SBC) who supports the continuation of the course set by the Conservative Resurgence. The battle for the Bible will never be over. A second value is to have a president who is committed to appoint people with strong convictions about what it means to be Baptist. This means the BFM must be the minimal basis for service on boards and committees. There are issues not in the BFM that must be addressed for Southern Baptist service. This is not narrowing the parameters; it is driving down long-held stakes. Alcohol use as a beverage and promotion of the modern-day tongues movement are hot buttons. If we broaden our parameters on these issues, we do it to our peril. We must maintain our distinctiveness or lose our identity.”

Read the full article here.

 At least he makes it very clear what he understands it means to be a Baptist:

  • Agencies can add to the BFM as they seem fit to further define who can and cannot participate in Southern Baptist cooperative ventures. Of course, these additions must be in the spirit of the CR.
  • There are other “yet to be addressed” issues that can and will be brought up to exlcude and include,
  • The Baptist Identity movement is on the right track in identifying what it means to “really” be a Baptist,
  • The “long held stakes” are his opinions and interpretations, and
  • Anyone who argues for the Biblical position that tongues is a valid NT gift or that the Bible speaks against drunkenness but not the consumption of alcohol will not be allowed to play in the sand box.

Tell me how you read it, but it sounds like a shot across the bow meant to make a message very clear: the SBC belongs to us (the inner circle of the CR), and we will control it, and we will continue to get rid of “so-called Southern Baptists” who are¬†alcohol drinking, tongues speaking, hand raising, doctrines of grace preaching, women who dare open their mouths on church property.

I sure wish we could vote up or down at Indy on just this one paragraph. Better yet, I wish the 44,000 SBC churches could vote up or down on this one paragraph. I wonder who would be left in the majority after that.

Todd Pylant

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